Server running, what's next?

This is the start page of your OpenWGA Server, which is now up and running, ready for service. Here are some suggestions for possible next steps to get productive with the platform.

Administer your server

Open the OpenWGA Admin Client to...

  • Create OpenWGA web applications for production use or connect to existing OpenWGA content stores on database servers
  • Control which users are allowed to access your applications in the ACL
  • Upload OpenWGA plugins to enhance your server with additional features
  • Get an impression of the overall capabilities of the OpenWGA platform

Get application designs

Download application designs for your needs, like blogs, wikis, forums and the like to use them instantly for new applications on your server. Those designs are available as OpenWGA Plugins which can be installed the following way:

  • Open the OpenWGA Admin Client and click Plugins in the menu. Then click Plugin Store in the unfolded submenu.
  • Inside the plugin store you can choose design plugins that you want to use and click the "Install this plugin..." button on them. Accept the license and finally confirm the installation.
  • To use downloaded designs you create a new Web Application in admin client. In the design configuration> of it you determine "Plugins" as design source. Then you can choose the new applications design from your downloaded plugins.

The tasks around setting up and developing websites are treated in detail in our online tutorials.

Get guidance on the internet by using the OpenWGA online resources to learn about the product and get support:

This page will be reachable on the OpenWGA root URL until a default application was registered for this server.
Even after that you can always reach it here:

If you wish to disable this page you can do so in OpenWGA Admin Client, on menu Configuration Basic Settings.